Choosing The Right Wedding Photographer

Three Tips for an Ideal Professional Wedding Photography Solution

Magical though the event may be, anyone who’s been tasked with organizing a wedding before can clearly recall just how demanding this task is. One of the many facets that you are required to deal with is wedding photography. In order to be able to handle this particular aspect of the wedding in a tactful and professional manner, you need to know a great many things beforehand. In this article, we will explore some of the various considerations that you should bear in mind when getting a professional wedding photo shoot done.

Remember to Gauge the Wedding Photographer’s Personality

Even the best Dorset wedding photographer in the world may simply have a personality that is utterly incompatible with yours. If their pictures are wonderful, but their personality is not up to par in your opinion, save yourself the headache and trouble of bending them to your will. Wedding photographers can be a rather individualistic bunch. If you tell them to go left, they’ll give you 100 reasons why you need to go right instead. One of the most essential aspect of ensuring that your wedding photography experiences excessive making sure that wedding photographer is not just a casual observer to the event, but an active participant in it. Abrasive, irritating, or overly blunt photographers are simply out of the question. Besides leaving a bad aftertaste in your mouth once the event is said and done, a bad-egg of a wedding photographer will often cause bad memories of the whole experience that you had with them to flood in every time you open your photo album.

Make Sure You Invest Money in Photographs, Not Products

To the surprise of no one, wedding photography can be quite a coercive business. If you want to increase the price of a cheap porcelain mug 100-fold, all you need to do is print a hastily crafted wedding photo on it. At the end of the day, your wedding photographer is no merchandiser. First and foremost, they are a professional picture taker. It only makes sense that you should be dedicating the majority of the money that you sink into your personal wedding photography experience into the pictures themselves instead of complimentary mugs, caps, shirts, or any other merchandise that the photographer will undoubtedly try to push on you. You might not be able to afford a picture-perfect album right off the bat- and you don’t have to. You can simply get as wonderful an album as you want at any time down the road done once you have the pictures themselves. If you don’t have the source material to work with though, then you are out of luck. This is why it is infinitely better to invest in professionally taken photographs, even ones that you will not be including in your album right then and there rather than in the material trinkets that a wedding photographer will try to sell you in order to boost their profit.

A Bride and Groom taken by a professional wedding photograpgher

Bride and Groom wedding picture

Never Undervalue Professional Quality Wedding Photography

Because they are providers of a very diverse set of services, wedding photographers come in a very broad spectrum of costs. An amateur wedding photographer that swears that they took wonderful pictures at their sister’s wedding and tries to drive you into a corner of a deal by charging you only $100 or $200 is definitely not going to be even slightly comparable to a professional wedding photographer that charges several thousand dollars.

It’s the simplest truth in the world, and yet so many people do their best to overlook it, quality costs money. If your wedding photographer does charge you what you then feel to be an extravagantly large fee, remember that they are working job-to-job, and that if they’re especially good, they will often be in high demand- meaning should be thankful if you can get them at your wedding in the first place. Oftentimes, it is not as simple as looking at the pictures of their previous professional wedding photography endeavors when gauging their abilities. These pictures could have just as easily have been ripped off from some other wedding photographer, or doctored to look better than when they were actually taken. If you’re going for a wedding photographer that is particularly expensive, there is nothing wrong with asking for a few sample shots, or even a discounted mock photo shoot first before you make the decision to commit.

A Professional Dorset Wedding Photographer Will Take the Pictures That Matter

There’s just something magical about a wedding that needs a professional’s eye to be captured accurately. Sure, an amateur or semiprofessional can take pictures, but what really sets a professional apart is that they don’t just snap off shots, they capture moments and immortalize events. A professional wedding photographer can be the difference between looking back fondly on your big day and shaking you head and thinking where you went wrong every time you open the photo album.

A Professional Wedding Photographer Will Have a Consistent Style

Unlike semi-professionals and amateurs which may take inconsistent photos, that seem out of place among the rest of the album for reasons that you cannot quite put your finger on, a professional wedding photographer is capable of taking photos in a consistent, unique, style. This style is varies quite a bit from one wedding photographer to another. Some wedding photographers are edgy, going for bold lines, and strong contrasts. Others are warm, opting instead for pictures that are soft, and dream-like. With a professional wedding photographer, you can ensure that you consistently get the style that you think suits your tastes best in all of the pictures that will adorn your wedding album.


A couple crossing the road after getting married

Why You Should Use A Professional Wedding Photographer

Professional Wedding Photographer or Not?

Many people nowadays are reluctant to shell out the cash required to hire a professional photographer for their weddings. What with digital imagery having reach its zenith nowadays, it can be quite tempting to simple give one of your avid photographer relatives a semiprofessional camera, and tell them to go wild at your wedding. The thing is though, even with the best camera, the best lighting conditions, and the best digital imagery editing software, nothing can take the place of a seasoned, professional photographer. In this article, we will explore when a professional Dorset wedding photographer can offer that is simply irreplaceable even with all of the imaging equipment and software in the world today.

A Professional Wedding Photographer Picks out the Right Equipment

Not all cameras and lenses are created equal. Oftentimes, a professional wedding photographer will pick out the lens that they will be using that your wedding that very same day, to take into account the weather conditions as well as any last-minute changes in the lighting of placement of the event. Photographers that are especially diligent will also ask to see the venue a couple of days before, to make sure that they have a firm idea for what sort of lighting, and spaces they will be working with beforehand. A seasoned professional wedding photographer has seen it all, from dim and dreary lighting conditions, to cramped venues that barely give them any elbow room to move. If they are as good as they are charging you, they will make do with what they have and help immortalize the event for you in a way that only a professional can.

A Professional Wedding Photographer Is at Ease With The Guests

A wedding photographer that wants to have even the slightest modicum of success needs to be a people’s person. Unlike an amateur or semiprofessional photographer that might not have the guts to ask people to pose for shots, a professional wedding photographer will ask for people to partake in the picture posing lightheartedly, and professionally. They’ve got just the right friendly and convincing mannerisms that encourage people to take photos of the event without the whole affair being uncomfortable or awkward for any of the parties involved. Another key element to the job of a professional wedding photographer is ensuring that no one feels left out. Usually, such photographers make sure that people who want to take pictures but are too shy to ask get included in the photos as well, with their affable and smiling demeanors.

A Professional Wedding Photographer Uses the Right Development Equipment

Taking pictures of your wedding with a point-and-shoot digital camera, then getting them develop at your local Kodak is a recipe for disaster. Unlike semiprofessional hobbyists, a serious wedding photographer uses only a professional-scale color lab that is used to meeting high standards of print quality. Even the most beautifully captured pictures are worth nothing if they do not get developed in a way that brings out their true essence. A professional wedding photographer can make sure that your photos look neither overdeveloped nor underdeveloped.

So if you are in any doubt just talk to the professionals and make up your own mind.

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Booking A Conference Or Meeting

The Right Way To Go About booking A Meeting Room Or Conference

When arranging a work conference at a hotel, there are a number of factors which help make the booking process easier and the conference itself run more smoothly.

First and foremost is the contact with the hotel. A dedicated conference or events manager gives access to one person and one port of call. With their experience in hosting events, they will know appropriate timescales and timetables for preparation for the day, as well as on the day planning. Have a budget in mind and see what they come back with initially for this budget.

Secondly, the process of booking the hotel is key. You need to know the have the right meeting room for you requirements. Flexibility with dates and timings as well as rooms available in varying sizes, with or without natural light, helps make the booking process simpler and more attractive to a business. When discussing room sizes and availability, it is key to have details to hand such as floor plans, available furnishings, IT equipment availability and refreshment timings. Ensure you undertake site visits to any potential hotels and discuss whether overhead projectors are provided, how many power points are available in a room, and whether attendees have excellent views of the main conference speakers from all parts of the room.

Thirdly, it’s all about location, location, location. Choosing a conference venue that is easy to reach by car, train and even by plane is key, after all, getting people to attend is the ultimate idea. A conference venue should be well known, so taxi drivers can find it, or people giving directions on the street can help. There should be ample parking, preferably in, or very near the hotel itself, which is well signposted and safe. Furthermore, it should be in a safe neighbourhood given that attendees may be unfamiliar with a town or city, so a hotel that is on a main street or in a popular area is ideal.

In fourth place comes the question of refreshments and meals. The quality and diversity of refreshments throughout the day is key to many conference attendees. Ensure there are vegetarian and non-vegetarian food options available, and agree on the number of coffee breaks, as well as water available at all times in the room.

The fifth consideration is the availability and quality of the bedrooms at the hotel. Anyone staying away from home for anything from a single night to several days wants to feel at home, comfortable in their surroundings and have easy access to home comforts. Wifi is an absolute must in the bedrooms, as well as a TV to relax with, pleasant bathrooms and sound proof walls. There is nothing worse than trying to get some sleep after a full day in meetings and listening to the person next door take a shower or their favourite TV show!

Finally, do you feel welcome? If you are welcomed at the hotel, the welcome will extend to conference attendees, thus engaging them positively from the moment they step through the hotel doors.

Here is an example of a top class conference hotel DeVere venues are one of the leading conference and meeting hotels in the world.

Venue Finders Can Help Find Businesses A Great Conference Venue

Business Conferences

Over the years I have had to schedule dozens of conferences for various workplaces, marketing and training days have emerged as the typical headaches to try and find the correct venue to cater for anything up to 1000 people. When you are trying to book a venue that can hold up to 1000 people, that is, when the headache really starts to set in. One after the other telephone calls to venues within the locality of a particular office block or workplace tends to be a waste of time due to the lack of facilities or availability.

A business conference

If anyone has tried to book a large scale meeting, conference or training day at a local venue, you will understand what I am saying when I state that finding the correct venue with space and the facilities to cater for 1000 people or more can be virtually a non-starter. There is the other side to the coin also in that you can find a venue, on the correct day, with the room to house 1000 work colleagues on the day – but no tea or coffee facilities are available, or there is not the staff at the venue available to offer services such as food and drinks for your workforce.

There are other problems that also seem to snowball when trying to book a venue for work conferences, time being the first, and we all know time is money. Add-ons, equipment for meeting such as lighting, projectors, having enough power supply, the electric bill in some instances – even a staging area for speech makers and speakers from upper management and company employees – these all need to be factored into some of the larger conferences. This can be an absolute nightmare to accomplish even for the best venue trackers in your workforce.

Which brings me to – What would the simple solution to the problem of finding a great venue to hold business meetings and conferences be?

I know that if someone is available to me that can help me track down a large or small venue, that has all the correct facilities, knowledge of particular venues and the availabilities of the venues to hand – and of course the room for large or small conferences, then that would be a huge advantage. A venue finder for instance could take the time off my hands in finding a venue, thus freeing up my time elsewhere within the business to make any meetings and conferences run much smoother. And if that venue finder is saving money on venues, my time and facilities – then that cannot be such a bad thing can it?

Every business like to make things run much more smoothly, with time and cost effectiveness. A venue finder can make that extra time available to me, cut costs and maybe even some red tape. A venue finder could negotiate the facilities required and in some cases find additional perks at no extra cost – which would be a bonus.

Note to self: A venue finder service it is then!

Factors that helped me to choose a good hotel

Finding a Good Hotel

Whether I am traveling for business or pleasure I need a good hotel to stay. There are certain factors that I keep in mind while choosing a hotel in a new city. It should be located at a prime spot so that commuting becomes easier. It should have all the necessary facilities and luxuries that I will require during my stay. It should have a good restaurant that serves quality food. And it should be one of the good yet cheap hotels. The last hotel that I checked in had all these and some more.

Everyone misses home when they are in a new city. Recently I was in Chicago for a vacation with my family. Chicago is a beautiful city rich with culture and history. But what made our trip absolutely fantastic was the hotel where we stayed. It is one of the star hotels in the city that provided ultimate hospitality.

If you are planning to visit Chicago any time soon then here are a few factors that will help you to choose the best hotel.

Click here to see the website

Location of the hotel

Since we were holidaying and had many a places to visit throughout the day, we wanted a hotel that is located at a central spot in the city. And that was one of the major advantages of the hotel that I picked, since it was located at the heart of the city. There were many commuting and travelling options readily available and all the major tourist locations were close by. So, I would suggest that you select the location first.

Luxurious and fully equipped rooms

The hotel had a wide range of rooms that were designed to suit the requirements of every guest. The deluxe rooms had all the amenities and facilities. And there were also luxurious suits. If you are looking for a luxurious and cheap hotels then check the variety of rooms that they are offering.

Multiple restaurants with delicious food

Chicago is popular for the variety of cuisine and amazing quality of food that they offer. To make sure that the guests have an ultimate culinary experience this hotel had many restaurants. Since I was in a new city I was willing to try various cuisines. So, pick a hotel that offers variety in food. Bon appétit!

Helpful and polite staff

Today there are a lot of hotels that offer great rooms and high quality food. But what distinguishes them from one another is the service. The staffs of this hotel were highly efficient and extremely courteous. Before booking the hotel I checked its customer reviews online to make sure that the service was good.

Whether you are looking for a high end luxurious hotel or one of the popular still cheap hotels then you might consider the above mentioned factors. After spending some time in a hotel in Chicago I have realized that hospitality is not just in providing the best facilities to a guest. It is in making a guest feel at home.

How to get a good discount on your hotel booking?

Booking a hotel

Before I go on a holiday there are a lot of things that I need to consider. Air tickets, availability of hotel, commuting in the city, sigh seeing, planning sub tours etc. Among all these I lay special stress on booking the right hotel for me. There have been a few occasions when I have gone with a certain expectation and the hotel had completely failed me. I have always been looking for high end and expensive hotels to make the holiday extra special. However, there are many economical and cheap hotels that offer better hospitality.

Last month my friends and I went for a trip to this beautiful beach city in USA. We wanted a hotel that would give us easy access to the beach along with an economical deal. We also wanted the hotel to serve great sea food and have a good spa. After all this was our first trip after getting a full time job and it was time to relax and rejuvenate. All we were wondering was if we will get a good discount on the booking.

When we went ahead to book the hotel we considered a few factors before finalizing a particular one.

Since we were looking at a budget trip we went for all the good but cheap hotels in the city.
We checked their official website to ensure that they were near the beach, served good food and had a spa.
Once we had selected a few hotels we contacted them directly to check availability
Before booking the hotel we checked their customer reviews to confirm that it was a good hotel
After being fully satisfied we made the booking

Getting a discount

This was our first trip after being full time professionals and we wanted to make it great with minimum investment. So we searched for all the available discount avenues.

We selected a time of the year when the hotels and airlines offer good discount rates. There are seasonal discounts that the travel and hotel industry offer and we grabbed it.
All of us had quite a few reward mails that gave us good cash back offers and discounts on room booking as well as air fare.
Since we were full time professionals we were eligible for the corporate discounts that are offered by many hotels. While selecting and booking the hotel we made sure that they offered a corporate discount. This gave us an additional waver on the booking amount.

A business conference

One of my friend’s is a member of the Professional Golf Association. We had no idea that we could a discount for that as well. But while going through the hotel websites we found out that various memberships like AAA, AARP, member of the American Bar Association, US Billiards Association and many others makes you eligible for a hotel discount!
Finally, we bargained and negotiated with the hotel management and got a great deal.

So, if like us you are also looking for great yet cheap hotels then choose wisely and avail every discount that you are eligible for.

What makes a great hotel?

The hospitality business

I am a business consultant who works in the hotel industry. With my experience and knowledge of hotel management I have come to realize that there are a few factors that make a great hotel. Yes, there is a lot of investment and marketing that goes into the hotel business but what makes it a long term success are the finer points of hospitality. A regular traveler looks for luxurious, reputed and cheap hotels. It is the job of the management to make sure that their hotels are exactly that, reputed, luxurious and at the same time economical.

Having been closely associated with this industry I can tell you that this is no easy task. Maintaining the highest standard of hospitality at a price that will suit a large number of the population is tough. However, every hotelier all over the world is doing just that. The big names in the hotel industry might not worry about the pricing of their accommodation and services as much as the middle and lower end hotels, but they have huge expectations to live up to. A slight falter in their job will cost them a lot.

Over the years I have identified a few factors that make a great hotel. Here is a look at them;


No matter how great a hotel you have if it is not located conveniently you will lose guests. The location has to be properly balanced which will provide the guests easy and quick transport options while keeping them away from the regular humdrum of the city life. Ample importance must also be given to the view from the hotel.


It is essential to get into a theme that will not confuse the guests. It could be contemporary, traditional, adventurous etc. but you must stick to a premise. This will determine the décor, facilities and services of the hotel. Though majority of the guests look for cheap hotels they also want a great experience while staying there. A theme will help you create that experience.


A hotel is as good as its service. There must be efficient, qualified and courteous staffs that will treat the guests with utmost sincerity.


Everyone loves to eat good food. And food becomes especially important when you are away from home. So, every good hotel should have great chefs.

A typical hotel dish


Since everyone wants great but cheap hotels the management must work towards it. Discounts and rebates make the guests feel special and privileged.

Though there is a lot of marketing and publicity involved in the hotel industry, they still depend heavily of word of mouth. This makes each guest extremely important. A good word will make them bigger and better and a bad word would spoil their reputation. The problem with the unhappy guests is that they hardly come back to the same hotel. So, the hotel never gets an opportunity to change the impression that they had on the guest. Therefore, practically they only get one chance to woo their guests. Hopefully these tips will help you do that.