Looking at the nightmare before christmas wallpaper, you can feel youthful, furious, adventurous, and happy. While looking at them, you may also gain better ideas or more energy. It might be a wonderful gift that everyone will enjoy and exclaim, “Wow!”


If you don’t have the time, skill, or patience to make your wallpaper, you may want to consider using removable wallpaper, as they adhere to the wall with an integrated adhesive. It may be a better idea to transform your ceiling into a work of art. Following the steps, you can hang wallpapers without screwing up.

Needed Supplies and Equipment:

All you need for putting up a nightmare before Christmas wallpapers are as follows:

  • Nightmare before Christmas Wallpaper and primer.
  • Metal Ruler with Scissors.
  • Pencil with Knife Blade.

Putting Up the Christmas Wallpaper

Check the Surface

Place it on the wall to see if it adheres to the surface. While working on embossed paper, secure the wall covering with satin or semi-gloss paint. Use a long-napped roller to get the wall paint into all the textured areas. Using wall paint, you may conceal seam lines and give your walls a more seamless appearance.

Preparation of the Walls

Check to see that the wall is free of debris and smooth. Prepare your walls by filling in gaps and sanding them down to a flat surface. Let the walls dry after priming them with an acrylic primer.

Working on embossed paper, use a soft-bristle wallpaper brush to level it out. If you have conventional wallpaper, use a straightedge to smooth it out. While you’re unrolling the wallpaper, place it on a bathmat or rug to prevent it from sticking to the floor. Using this method, you can prevent it from becoming scratched or damaged. Once you’ve finished, go over the entire wall again to make sure there are no air bubbles.

Remove the Wall Covering and Seal the Edges

Wall covering should be installed over outlets and switches. Mark an X over the outlets and switches, then clip away only enough material to expose them once 20 minutes has passed.

Neaten up the Crooks and Corners

Begin in the middle of the wall and work your way outward from there. The liner should be peeled away within a few inches to a foot above the wallpaper before placing it on the wall. Once everything is aligned, begin removing the liner by pressing down on the paper as you go. Having smoothed the top of the wallpaper, remove the bottom piece from the book and continue with the wallpaper brush. Hang each portion by following the same steps until the entire wall is covered, overlapping the papers to drop gaps on uneven walls. Trim the wallpaper around the edges and the tops and bottoms of the walls using scissors or a craft knife. Ensure the protection of the wall from scoring by laying a metal object behind the paper when using a knife

Rewarding Outcome

It’s time to celebrate your new digs! Since design is so personal, you can peel it off, toss it away, and put up a new one whenever you feel like it!


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