Different Water Pressure Options

The Giraffe retractable garden hose reels are custom-made to offer incredible durability, best suited for the long run. Homeowners looking to store the hose reels outdoors for a long time shall consider buying them. Moreover, this is a conventional garden hose (a half-inch), which is designed especially to be used outdoors, such as in the yard, lawn, and garden. The expected expansion coefficient is slightly higher, resulting in fewer chances of kink.

The hose reel’s thickness remains almost the same whether or not filled with water. This is made possible by precise calculation of the timing belt. This retractable garden hose reel is made of raw materials different from other hose reels to offer quality that most homeowners will love.

Salient Features

The hose reel features some incredible features making it more convenient for the buyers. These are:

Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel

Instead of letting the hose reel lie around on the ground, it’s better to mount it on the wall. The wall-mounted design allows users to mount it on the wall without ruining its appearance. The reel comes with wall-mounting brackets to fulfill the purpose. Buyers can install the bracket on the wall by drilling the holes and securing the bracket with the screws that come with the packet itself.

The primary benefit of using the wall-mount bracket is that it’ll eliminate the need to reassemble and disassemble the hose reel before using and after using it, respectively. There’s no requirement to dismantle the hose reel before storing it in the wall-mounted bracket.

Retractable Garden Hose Reel Design

Giraffe retractable garden hose reel is compatible with 130 feet and 90 feet hybrid hoses. It’s possible to adjust the reel’s length in order to fit in any lawn size. For instance, in a small garden, adjusting the reel accordingly will ensure it doesn’t get spread in the entire garden. To perform retraction, retract it smoothly and slowly in the retractable reel hose. Moreover, the retraction system is designed in such a way that it’ll wind the hose neatly, eliminating the chances of kink.

Different Hose Sizes

Users can choose from varying hose sizes, including half an inch and 5/8 inch diameters. The varying diameters are designed to cater varying needs of different customers. People who’re looking to cover a longer area when watering should opt for the ½ inch diameter hose. It’s meant to cater to long-distance coverage needs. On the other hand, the 5/8 inch diameter is vital for short coverage areas such as the backyard.

Multiple Nozzles

To achieve different watering modes, the Giraffe retractable garden hose reel comes and is compatible with nine different nozzle modes. For instance, to make a thin pressurized stream, scattering water, sprinkler-style watering features are achievable through varying nozzle designs.


Expect outstanding user-friendliness from this retractable garden hose reel because it can wind automatically, is durable, and comes with a hose locker. Combining all these features into an equation gives a fabulous user experience and convenience. Saving time and energy is made possible with the automatic winding system that works flawlessly.


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