loose deep curly human hair

If you are considering buying loose deep wave bundles for a wig, you must also consider its maintenance. Loose Deep Wave bundles usually turn out into perfect wigs. The curls, colour, and texture are excellent, and they crown it all with a natural look. However, as with any other wig, loose deep wave bundles require special maintenance techniques if you want them to last.

Although it has a lot of similarities to the loose wave and deep wave wigs, loose deep wave hair, when styled and maintained correctly, makes you look better. It’s safe to assume that it’s a combination of both the loose wave and deep wave wigs. However, it is one thing to have a fantastic wig, it’s another thing to know how to maintain it, and it’s another thing entirely to be hardworking about the wig maintenance. In this guide, we will be discussing the maintenance techniques for your loose deep wave wigs. With these techniques, your loose deep wave wigs will last longer than you think. Some of these steps include;

Always comb with your fingers and wide tooth comb

Your loose deep wave bundles come with natural curls. Using your regular hair comb to comb this wig choice is like trying to straighten the wig by force. You can’t have a deep wave wig that doesn’t curl, so using a regular comb for the hair is the wrong process. If you use the normal comb over time, the hair will get rumpled, and it will lose its beauty. Although there are some ways, you can restore your hair, best trust that the hair can never return to its original state after your restoration.

Damp hair from time to time

Water and wigs may not be friends, according to what you will see on the Internet and what most hair vendors will tell you. However, we totally disagree. Water and wigs are friends; it is just that when that water becomes too much, you have an immediate problem. In the case of loose deep wave wigs, water helps the curls stay intact. When you pour water on any wig at all, you start to notice some curls. With a deep wave wig, merely making it damp at intervals ensures the curls are in good condition.

Clean hair and care for it optimally

Speaking about conditioning, using hair conditioners is a must for your loose deep wave wigs. Of course, that’s if you wish to maintain the wig properly. But before you can condition your hair, ensure you have washed the hair with a good shampoo. The first thing you need to make sure of is the shampoo comes from a reputable brand, and it has safe constituents for your wig. Often, most shampoo-producing companies are also into the manufacturing of conditioners. Therefore, when you find a good shampoo, you can quickly look for their conditioner or recommended products.

Don’t sleep without treating your hair right

Sometimes you get home exhausted and rusty, and all you want is to jump on your bed. However, it’s best you store your wig correctly before you sleep for optimum maintenance. Treat your wig right.


Maintaining your loose deep wave wig is almost as important as buying the wig. You can easily follow the maintenance techniques described in this guide.


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