three tone ombre style hair weave lace closure

It is a general belief and widespread debate that hd lace wigs are one of the best wigs ever, if not the best. These types of hairs have a great appearance – looking natural and attractive. Since your hair is one of the main appealing parts of your body, it is vital that you ensure your hair is having a good time. And when you want to have good hair, one of the best wigs options to try out is the HD lace wigs. As the name implies, this wig has a great display that calls people’s attention around.

If you have your hair on – maybe you braid your hair, or you’ve got locks on, you may shy away from wearing wigs. Because your hair is already long, the thought of purchasing an HD lace wig may not even come; talk less of wearing the wig. For some people, the idea is to save the money for later, and for others, they believe they can not wear wigs on their hair because it is long. Sorry to break it to you, but having long hair doesn’t mean you can not wear a wig. What your long hair means is, you will need to tuck the hair into the wig properly. In this guide, we’ll show you how to style your HD lace wig even when your hair is long.

Arrange your hair into sections

If you are going to wear a wig over your long hair, you will have to take a bit of time. The first thing you need to do is divide your hair into different sections. The fuller your hair, the more sections you will need. If your hair is long but not too full, you can try out two sections.  But if the hair is too full, between four and five sections will do.

Braid the sections

After dividing your hair into sections, you can clip this hair to ensure each section is not disturbing the other. After that, all you need to do is weave each section into the braid format. Again, ensure each unit doesn’t disturb the other.

Make a circle of those braids around your head

After braiding the hair, it still remains long. To make it short, you can use braided hair to tie around your head in a circular form. While tying it around your head, try to ensure it’s flat. Also, ensure you tie each section in twin directions – one in the clockwise direction and the other in another direction.

Wear a wig cap properly over the braided hair

After tying the hair around your head, what remains is to ensure that the hair is flat. There’s no better way to ensure that than to use wig caps. Wear a wig cap, and carefully put the wig on with the wig cap. The wig cap will be higher because of the braid, so you should be careful. After the wig gets into the head, you can try to stretch the wig and ensure it is properly worn.


Wearing long hair isn’t a hindrance to wearing your wig. If you follow the steps in this guide, you’ll wear a wig correctly.


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