Pressure washers requires maintenance, the regular gasoline pressure washers require more maintenance than electrical models. The illustration of a pressure washer work plan, as well as thorough instructions on how to keep the pressure washer perfectly in given below. Strictly follow your machine’s safety and maintenance regulations.

Things to consider before Using a Pressure Washer

Examine the machine for anything that could cause an issue, before you begin your cleaning effort.

Step 1: Make sure the fluid levels are correct

On gasoline-powered vehicles, you should check the levels of fuel and oil. Don’t overfill the container.

Step 2: Inspect the Garbage Screens

Measure inlet screen of water, that is positioned with the connection of the garden hose.. Clean the display with fresh water, if it is dirty. If it’s broken, remove it. Also check the wand of pressure washer for inline screen to check if it’s not obstructed. If it is clogged or damaged then repair it or clean it.

Step 3: Make sure the sprayer and hose are in good working order.

Inspect the nozzle or spray tip, as well as the spraying gun and broom extension. Tighten all of the attachments, including the one to the elevated hose,

Check the trigger of spray gun and smart lock. Refresh the gun if it is not working perfectly.

Check the rips, bulges, leakage, or any other deterioration in the high-pressure line, and at connections of hose. Check the hose too if it is faulty or damaged then replace it according to the instruction.

Step 4: Inspection of the Detergent System

Clean the detergent tube if it’s clogged. Check out the filters too of detergent system.

Step 5: Get the Garden Hose Ready

Before making the connecting of garden hose to, rinse it out. Then connect it to pressure washer.

Gasoline-Powered Surface Cleaner Engine regular maintenance

Maintaining a gasoline-powered pressure washer’s engine will make it run better and last better. Maintenance techniques should be performed. Remove the ignition system wire from the spark plug and position it somewhere it won’t come into contact with the outlet. Follow any extra pre instructions provided by the manufacturer. Working on a tarp area is recommended.

Maintenance of Other Pressure Washers

  • Remove any obstructions from the spraying tip and from the nozzle if any.
  • Moisten the spray gun, hose, and wand extender attachments.
  • O-rings in the moisture, high-pressure hose and spray gun connectors should all be replaced.
  • Clean the conditioning vents of any debris.
  • If your vehicle have those then inspect the exhaust and fire arrestor.

The Pressure Washer Should Be Stored

For maintenance of washers firstly is the protection of  the pressure washer from freezing conditions and other weather extremeties that can be resulted by storing it in the dry place. Stay far away from heating systems, that can dry out the seals of valve and can cause ignition of gasoline vapours. Use antifreezing lubricant or grease for the pressure pump. This will help in avoiding damages from mineral reserves also help in lubrication of seals, cylinders and in prevention against cold. Protect the pressure washer by covering it with a waterproof cover.


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