When you do not have a garden shed or a designated corner where your garden tools should be, chances are you have garden tools all over your outdoor area. Most of the time these tools are dropped where they were last used and if you were not the one who used them, it may take you forever to find them. You must learn how to organize garden tools so that everyone can find what they need and they can be protected from damage or rust.

Below, we give you a quick list of some of the best ways to organize common garden tools.

Hang up a pegboard to organize garden tools

A pegboard is a very versatile organizing tool. You can use it to organize anything and that includes your garden tools. All you have to do is find a wall to set the board on and then get a bunch of hooks!

Get a hose reel for your garden hose

Garden hoses are probably the most neglected among garden tools and they are often a tripping hazard! People tend to leave them on the ground and sometimes if the grass is too high, you do not get to see that they are in the way.

It is also very hard to find a place where they can be stored in a non-bulky way. You should invest in a hose reel. They do not only store your garden hose compactly but they also come in an aesthetic design that looks good enough to hang on the wall and let people see.

Install a tension rod

Find a nook outside the house or in the garage where you can set up a tension rod. You can use the rod to hang spray bottles, gardening gloves, and other tools. This means there will be more floor space for you to walk around in.

PVC pipes in the wall

Stick PVC pipes in the wall and you can place your longer garden tools such as shovels and rakes through them. You will end up with a wall of neatly lined garden tools that is neat to the eye.

Use an old cupboard or bookshelf

You can look at thrift stores or garage sales and see if they have beat-down furniture that you think can stand outdoor elements or can fit in your garage.

This will give you additional storage for smaller garden tools, seed packets, fertilizer, and many more.

Invest in a garden storage bench

If you like to hang out in your garden, you should get a wooden garden storage bench. The bench seat opens up to reveal the storage space inside. It’s a great way to keep your garden tools out of sight!

Use crates

Crates are cheap and you can easily buy them in bulk. They are a great way to organize pots for your plants, supplies, and even your garden tools.

Last thoughts

Remember, the key to an organization is to have a designated spot for everything. Keep your tools in a place that you often pass by on the way to your garden.


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