Giraffe Tools is a renowned hose reel brand. Other than hose reels, the company also provides other products like high-pressure water sprayers, air hoses, and air hose reels. In this post, we will be looking at these products further.

Products available on Giraffe Tools

One of the best qualities about this brand is that it offers a wide range of products. Below are products you can purchase from Giraffe Tools;

1. Garden hoses and hose reels

Giraffe Tools garden hoses and hose reels are their most popular products. Garden hoses are pipes used for watering tasks in the gardens. They are used for cleaning gardening tools and watering plants. They can also be used for cleaning vehicles, windows, and other elements around the house. Garden hoses go hand in hand with garden hose reels. Garden hose reels are designed to store and allow easy application of garden hoses. They have a wheel where the hose is rewinded.

2. Air hose reels and air hoses

An air hose is a machine used to deliver air to certain products like air tools or compressors. Air hoses can be applied for recreational activity as well as essential applications like supporting life-saving devices. Air hoses available on Giraffe Tools are made from durable materials. The materials allow for the air hose to remain airtight for proper operation. Air hoses also work hand in hand with air hose reels. The air hose reels are designed specifically for holding air hoses. Their primary role is to provide support for the air hoses. They do this by encasing the hose in a metal container with an outlet to the hose and another to the air compressor.

3. Extension cord reels

Extension cords are cables used to transfer electricity from one point to another. The cords can also be used to transport products in areas like factories. The problem with these cords is that you have to deal with issues like kinking and twisting. The issues make using the cords challenging. This is where extension cord reels come in. These reels are used to keep the cords and make using them effortlessly. The wheels on the reel ensure that getting the cord off the reel is effortless.

4. Electric pressure washer and pressure washer reels

A pressure washer is a machine that generates a powerful stream of water. It is used for cleaning things like carpets and vehicles. An electric pressure washer contains parts like water inlets, power sources, plungers, injectors, and hoses. Pressure washer hoses are designed to withstand the pressure of water. Pressure washer hose reels are also designed with the same thing (pressure) in mind. They are used to protect and hold pressure hoses. They are made from solid materials that can withstand pressure.


Giraffe Tools offers all the products mentioned above. Each of the products is made with the best materials and the comfort of the user in mind. They also feature reasonable prices. The company also constantly runs promotions where clients can buy products at reduced prices.


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