If you are looking to get a garden hose, you need to consider several things. That is because the right hose for your watering needs depends on many things. For instance, the size of your yard and how frequently you use it matters a lot. Also, you need to take into account the type of plants in your garden and the storage options you have. Buy now the best garden hose for your needs. These are the important things you should consider when choosing a garden hose.

Hose Length

You can find a garden hose in different foot lengths. Typically, it ranges from 25 ft to 300 ft. First, you need to measure the length you require. Make sure you measure the distance from the water supply to the farthest point in your garden. Remember, a longer hose weighs more, and it will need a lot of storage space. For balconies, patios, and small yards, you need a 25 ft hose. Remember that a longer hose is difficult to drain and store.


You should note that garden hoses are available in different diameters. The most common garden hoses measure ½-inch, 5/8-inch, and ¾-inch. The diameter of the hose has an impact on the water pressure and flow. A larger diameter means your hose can hold more water. If you need high water pressure, you should get a 5/8-inch hose.


Although garden hoses look nearly the same, it does not mean you should get the cheapest hose you come around. The truth is that garden hoses are not made equal. Vinyl garden hoses are the lightest and cheapest you can find. However, they are prone to kink, leaking, and splitting. You should note that vinyl degrades under sunlight. This type of garden hose is suitable for light-duty watering.

If you need something that can last longer and more durable than vinyl hoses, you should consider rubber garden hoses. However, they are expensive and heavier. They are designed for medium-duty. The rubber hose must be treated to withstand the intense sunlight to prevent leaking and kinking. If you maintain your rubber hose as recommended, then it can last long.

Other than rubber and vinyl hoses, you can also find metal and plastic hoses. They usually contain different layers to ensure they are strong and can support high water pressure.

Strength and Flexibility

The truth is that a garden hose ought to be strong and flexible. However, a lot of flexibility can cause constant kinks. Also, you should consider burst pressure. Make sure you choose a hose with a rating of at least 350 PSI. If you are going to use your garden hose with a pressure washer, make sure you read the manual before using it.


Fittings or couplings get attached to the second hose, nozzle, or spigot. You should consider getting brass fittings because they are leak-resistant. Plastic fittings are not recommended as they easily break and leak. Check whether the fittings or couplings come with rubber washers. Remember that missing washers can result in leaking.


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